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General Exercise Guidelines: Fitness - Who Are You?

  • New to fitness.  Is your idea of exercise a quick walk to the refrigerator to replenish your TV snacks?  Have you had a medical scare – such as high cholesterol or ballooning weight?  Do you find yourself kneading the muscles of your lower back when standing in the checkout line?  If any of this describes you, then it is time to make a change.  Click here to learn how to gently add movement to your daily routine.
  • Having fun with fitness.  Have you already discovered the joys of exercise?  Do you relish biking in the warm days of summer – but perhaps back off when winter arrives?  Are you a runner or a swimmer – but perhaps sporadic with your routine?  Are you a walker – but wonder if your exercise is sufficiently intense to bring about positive changes?  If any of this describes you, then click here to learn how to make sure that your exercise is bringing you optimal results. 
  • Competing in fitness.  Do you love playing “half-a -wheel” with your biking buddies?  Is it a thrill to charge up a hill – passing your fellow runners?  Do you describe your post-exercise burn as being a “good pain”?  Then you are already going beyond the goal of good health and entering the sphere of competitive performance.  Click here to tweak your  interval training and pick up helpful training tips.  


Do you have fitness related concern on common issues like weight loss, bone health or hypertension (high blood pressure)? Our Exercise Guidelines for Specific Medical Concerns may have the answers you are looking for.


As with all exercise programs, consult your physician before beginning.