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Other Exercise Reference Material

BGI Fitness wants to support you in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Are you new to fitness, with the need to address a health challenge? Are you already having fun with recreational walking, running, cycling, or other sports? Or are you in into serious competitive fitness and looking the tools to meet your goals?  BGI Fitness wants to help with this additional resources.  Look for new articles and links here on a regular basis.

Aerobic Activities

Aerobic Exercise Guidelines If good heart health is your goal, how should you structure your aerobic activities? How would you change this structure if competition/performance is your objective? Or perhaps weight loss is your primary concern? (Link to PDF)



Cycling Resources

Back Comfort and Cycling Cycling is a beautiful sport for the body - gentle on the joints while training the heart. Some may experience slight back tightness as they transition to more time in the saddle.  Follow these simple stretches to keep your back comfortable and pain-free.  (Link to PDF)

Nutrition and Hydration

Exercise and Fluid Replacement Have you wondered how important fluid replacement is to your sport and to your level of activity? Should you drink both before and during your sport? And what about those sport drinks - are they really necessary - or is water sufficient? (Full Article)




Triathlon Training

Triathlon Training Tips So you would like to compete in triathlons.  Have you given any thought as to how your training season should proceed?  Think of your training mileage as part of a pyramid.   (Full Article)




Strength Training for Youth

Strength Training for Youth As increasing numbers of youth are participating in sport, the question of strength training inevitably arises. Would resistance training enhance their sport performance, and more importantly, is it safe for their young bodies? Ironically, the incidence of youth obesity is concurrently on the rise.   (Full Article)




 Indoor Cycling Resources

If you are interested in extending your riding season with indoor training, you may find these linked articles helpful.

Indoor Training Basics (by Fred Matheny) Most cyclists love to be outdoors, even in winter. After all, fresh air, sunshine and scenery are big attractions of the sport. If we wanted to exercise inside, we'd all become gym rats. (Entire Article).
Indoor Training, The Workouts (by Fred Matheny) I use a segmented approach to indoor cycling workouts. Here's how it works: (Entire Article).
Indoor Training, Motivation and Success (by Fred Matheny) You've got a bike. And, you've got an indoor trainer. You can ride all year, right? Many people don't find it so easy. The problem isn't physical, it's motivational. (Entire Article).


Bicycle Event (i.e. Hilly Hundred Weekend) Resouces

If you are interested in weekend bicycle events like Hilly Hundred Weekend, we have have a Hilly Hundred Resource page on the Bicycle Garage Indy website.  On the Bicycle Garage Indy Blogs we have posted the following articles related to preparation for and riding the Hilly Hundred.   

Hilly Hundred Hills - What to Expect? - Linda's Fitness Corner
Hilly Hundred Moderate Hills - How To Approach? - Linda's Fitness Corner
Hilly Hundred: Common Mistakes on those Hills - Linda's Fitness Corner
Hilly Hundred: What About Hand Position? - Linda's Fitness Corner