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BGI Fitness offers traditional free weights and the latest in multi-station gyms and functional trainers.  

Free weights are a great way to strength train. When performed properly, they not only strengthen your targeted muscle but develop your core as well. Their small space requirements are a plus as well.  We sell complete kits, as well as individual plates, dumb bells, kettle bells, benches and accessories.

The advantage of a home or  "multi-station" gyms is that they tend to place your body in the correct position for proper body mechanics.  It is much harder to “cheat” or get injured with a properly used home gym.  And while some home gym designs have a significant space requirements, many new multi-function gyms, (also know known as functional trainers) will fit into a much more compact space.

USA Troy VTX 8 Side Rubber Dumbbell
$5.70 - $190.00

8-sided Rubber Encased Dumbbell w/Chrome Steel Contoured Handle. The Troy… [more]

USA Troy Muscle Clamp Collar

2" Olympic Size [more]

USA Troy VTX Vinyl Dumbeil
$1.70 - $25.50

Unique hex head design prevents rolling and is easily stackable. Vinyl… [more]

USA Troy VTX Rubber Grip Plate
$5.65 - $225.00

Affordable quality! Troy's VTX high grade, wide flanged, “quiet iron”… [more]

Body-Solid Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates
$29.99 - $129.99

Will not break when dropped, helps protect the floor. Each bumper plate is… [more]

Hoist Fold-Up Olympic Combo Bench

Comfortably perform a wide range of barbell exercises with Hoist's Fold-Up… [more]

Hoist Dumbbell Rack - 2017
$369.99 - $499.00

Keep your workout area organized and attractive with Hoist's dumbell… [more]

Hoist Squat Rack

Enjoy safe, full-body, free-weight workouts with Hoist's innovative Squat… [more]

Power Block Sport 2.4

Has weight range from 3-24 lbs Replaces 8 pairs of dumbbells or 216 lbs of… [more]

Hoist Ab/Back Roman Hyper

Build crucial core strength on Hoist's Ab/Back Roman Hyper Bench. You'll… [more]

Hoist Mi6 Functional Trainer

The unique and stylish HOIST® Mi6 is a personal pulley gym that is… [more]

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