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For Personal Trainers

BGI Personal Trainer Referral Program

Do your customers a favor - refer them to BGI Fitness and they will receive  a)  5% OFF the lowest marked price on all of their fitness equipment purchases (even it is already on sale!) and  b)  receive No-Downpayment, No-Interest financing for 6 months!

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Please use this email form to register a lead with BGI Fitness. If you refer a customer to BGI Fitness and this customer purchases a piece of fitness equipment (including accessories) within 6 months of the lead registration, a referral fee will be paid directly to the Personal Trainer as follows:

- Up to $500, a $15 referral fee
- From $501 to $1000, a $25 referral fee
- From $1001 to $1500, a $35 referral fee
- From $1501 to $2000, a $50 referral fee
- From $2001 to $3000, a $75 referral fee
- Above $3000, a $100 referral fee

- The referral fee will be paid within 30 days of the final delivery of the equipment to the Client.
- You must be a Certified Personal Trainer in order to qualify for this program.
- You must provide a working email address or phone number to allow BGI Fitness to contact the customer.
- You must authorize BGI Fitness to use your name in introducing the subject of fitness equipment purchase.

Complete the Referral Email Form Below to Register the Lead

Personal Trainer's Name:*
Personal Trainer's Email Address:*
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The name of the Client interested in purchasing Fitness Equipment:*
The Client's primary area of interest:*
Other pertinent information:
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Note: * indicates required information.