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Treadmill Safety Tips

Treadmills increase in popularity every year and with the desire to lower your carbon footprint and costs of gas, it makes sense to work out in your own home instead of driving to a health club or gym several times a month. Because treadmills have a moving belt, and usually hydraulics for adjusting the incline, they present some unique safety concerns.

BGI Fitness Operations Manager Paul Crimmins shares these treadmill safety tips to avoid treadmill-related accidents in the home:

Placement of treadmills:

  • Optimal placement of a treadmill is in a room with a door that locks, limiting unsupervised access to children and any pets. Do not place the treadmill with the back against a wall.

When treadmill is not in use:

  • Remove the safety cord and place it in a location that is not accessible to children.
  • Place the safety shut-off key out of reach of children (you don't keep you car keys in your car, do you?) 
  • Do not let children play on the treadmill
  • Unplug the treadmill when not in use - it's safer and better for the environment
Operation of treadmills:
  • Know exactly where children and pets are when you're on the machine. Many treadmill accidents happen when children's hands get caught in the back of the machine. 
  • Use the emergency stop button to immediately stop a workout for any reason. Don't jump off the machine in the middle of a workout and leave the belt running. 
  • Be safe! Either keep your eyes forward or on the console display. Don't watch your feet while you workout. 
  • Wear running shoes for safety, comfort and support. 
  • Hold onto hand rails if needed, but swing arms freely if possible. 
  • Schedule annual maintenance for treadmills to help prevent problems

If you have any questions about safety of your treadmill, please do not hesitate to call the BGI Fitness Service Center at 317-579-7933 ext 2, Mon-Fri, 7:30AM - 4:30PM. You may also submit service inquiries to us via the web at